Canada Five Cent

Canada 1870 Obverse #1 Twenty Five Cents ICCS MS-63 RARE in this Condition Five Cents Canada 2008 Elizabeth II D G Regina Beaver Sitting On A Rock Coin 1922-1995 DATE CANADA NICKEL COLLECTION With 1926 Varieties Canada One Cent Date 1953 1937 Canada Twenty Five Cents ICCS MS-65 1926 Far 6 Canada 5 Cents Cccs Xf-45 Super Scarce Canada 1936 Silver Twenty Five Cents Dot ANACS VF-30 1891 Twenty-Five Cents F Nice RARE Date LOW Mintage KEY Victoria Canada Quarter Nickel Five Cents, 1940, ICCS MS-65! Great lustre 1928 Canada Five Cents PCGS MS-64 Canada Victoria 1875H SD KeyDate Silver Five Cents PCGS AU-55 Rare Gem Twenty Five Cents, 1947, ICCS MS-65 1928 Canada Five Cents PCGS MS-64 Making A Canadian Cent Ring Newforge Rings 1875 H 25 Cent Canada Silver Twenty Five Cents K38 $175 Key Date 1996 10 Cent Coin From Canada 1925 Canada 5 Cents Coin ICCS EF-45 In Old 2 Letter Flip Very Nice + RARE How Much Is A 1940 Nickel Worth Today Canada Victoria 1900 Oval 0 Silver Five Cents ICCS MS-60 1872 Canada Twenty Five Cent Die Break V Collection of Canada FIVE CENTS Coins 1922-1960 incl. Both 1926 NEAR & FAR 6 1947 ML Maple Leaf 25 Cent Canada Silver Twenty Five Cents B505 $300 MS-65 Canada 1976 5 Cent Test Token, ICCS MS63, CH# TT-5.1C, Uncirculated #G6215 1951 Canada Nickel Bicentennial Double Profile NGC MS65 Canada 5 Cents Five Cent Collection 1922-2012 96 Coins 1870 Reeded Edge Canada Five Cent New FoundLand Victoria Very fine 1934 Canada 25 Twenty-Five Cents Superb Quarter ICCS MS-65 Simply The Best 1914 Canada Five Cent ICCS MS-63 King George 1919 One Cent Canada 1872 Canada Twenty Five Cent Die Break V Canadian Fish Scale 5 Cent Piece 1926 Canada 5 Cents Keydate Nickel Roll (40 Coins) Very Rare Roll Canada 1925 Five Cents EF40 Trend $450.00